CVFMA Repeaters

Mt Ascutney Windsor VT.   CVFMA operates three repeaters from the north peak and is in the ECA building with back up generator. 
All use the  W1UWS call sign.

APRS: 144.39 simplex digipeater using Vertex 7000 into ground mount vertical antenna.

FM:  146.76 - / pl 110.9 (in and out) using a Motorola MSR 5000, CAT 1000 controller with combiner / multicoupler into shared
commercial VHF Celwave BA 1010 antennas.

The weather station is a Peet Ultimeter 100 (the wind sensor is inoperative).

  • DMR: 448.475 - / color code 5 / ID# 315003   using a Motorola SLR 5700 with combiner / multicoupler into shared commercial UHF antennas.

  • The tower is the former WNNE analog transmitter site.  The VHF RX is on the right top below the cell panels and the TX is partially hidden below on the right.  The UHF is on the left side.

    The shared antennas are fed to the filter combiners above the repeater room.

    The three repeaters are in this one rack.  The VHF FM PA is on top, fans, CAT controller and Moto MSR-5000.  The UHF DMR Moto SLR 5700 is next, with the VHF APRS Vertex 7000 is at the bottom.

    NE DMR Repeaters see

    Breezy Hill, Springfield VT.  CVFMA and the Springfield Telescope Makers Radio Club operate from the "block house" at Stellafane
    using the W1STM call sign. FM:  147.15 +    using a Vertex 7000 repeater and 4 cavity duplexer into a pole mounted vertical at 30 feet.

    Moose Mtn, Hanover NH.  FM 146.64 - , pl 110.9.  Call sign is W1UWS.  Located in the NHPTV building with generator back up, using a  Motorola MSR 5000 at 50 watts, with a CAT 200B controller. The feed line was replaced with 7/8 inch hard line on the tower and half inch hard line into the building.  The Station Master antenna is at about 200 feet AGL and 2000 feet elevation on the SW leg.

    The new (left) and old (right) antenna masts
    (photo courtesy of Twin States Radio Club)

    Looking down on the Moose Mountain Buildings
    (photo courtesy of Twin States Radio Club)

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