We, the members, wishing to secure for ourselves the pleasures and benefits of the Association of persons commonly interested in amateur radio and to enhance amateur communications do enact this constitution as our governing law.


All persons interested in the activities of the Association may be eligible for membership as set forth in the by-laws.


Section 1: The officers of this Association shall be the Board of Directors, which shall consist of five members: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and a Director-at-Large.
Section 2: Officers of this Association shall be elected for a term of one year by ballot of full members at the October meeting and shall take office at the time elected.
Section 3: Trustee(s) of the Association's repeater(s) shall be appointed by the Board of Directors for an indeterminate period of time.
Section 4: Vacancies occurring between elections shall be filled by temporary appointment by the President until the next general meeting of the Association at which time an election for the vacant position will be held.


Section 1: Duties of the Board of Directors shall be to oversee the regular business of the Association. They shall appoint and charge committees as deemed necessary.
Section 2: The President shall preside at all meetings of this Association, and conduct the same according to the Constitution and By-Laws, decide all questions of order, sign all official documents that are adopted by the Association, and none other, and perform all customary duties pertaining to the office of President.
Section 3: The Vice-President shall assume all duties of the President in the absence of the latter. In case of a Presidential vacancy, the Vice-President will assume the Presidency; the President will appoint a Vice-President from the four (4) remaining officers until the next general meeting. Ascension of officers from President will be as follows: Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director-At-Large.
Section 4: The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceeding of all meetings, shall keep a roll of members, submit applications for membership, carry on all correspondence, read communications at each meeting, and when directed by the President, shall mail notice of every meeting or any special meeting to each member. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep the Constitution and By-Laws of the Connecticut Valley F.M. Association and to have the same present at all meetings of the
Association. He shall cause all amendments, changes and additions to be noted thereon and shall permit the same to be consulted by members upon request.
Section 5; The Treasurer shall receive and receipt all monies paid to the Association, he shall keep an accurate account of all monies received and expended and report the financial status of the Association when so requested by the President. He shall pay no bills without proper authorization by the Association or its officers. He shall make written notice to any member thirty (30) days in arrears of dues. At the end of his term shall turn over everything in his possession belonging to the Association to his successor.
Section 6: The Director-at-Large shall attend all meetings and hold the responsibility of voting for the membership at large. He shall give a short report at the two (2) business meetings on the recent decisions of the Board of Directors.
Section 7: The Trustee(s) shall have control of the Association Amateur Radio Station(s) and license(s) in accordance with the regulations of the Federal Communications Commission and shall perform all duties of the Trustee(s) subject to the control of the Association.


Section 1: The Board of Directors shall meet at a minimum of bimonthly to discuss and resolve the business of the Association. The Board of Directors meetings shall be open to the membership; meetings shall be held on odd number months (Example: January, March, May, etc.).
Section 2: General membership business meetings shall be held at a minimum of twice a year, one being held in October for the election of officers, the other being held in April. Special general meetings may be called by any two members of the Board. A Board of Directors meeting may be called by any one Board member.


Section 1: The Connecticut Valley F.M. Association by majority vote of those present at the general membership meeting held in October, may levy such dues or assessments as shall be deemed necessary for the business of the Association. Non-payment of such dues or assessments shall be cause for the member's name to be removed from the club roster after a grace period of sixty (60) days unless a written request is received and approved by the Board of Directors for an extension of time. Any member whose dues are more than sixty (60) days in arrears shall be reinstated upon payment of dues.


Section 1: The Constitution and By-Laws of the Association may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the voting membership at any general meeting provided all members have been notified by mail of the intent to amend the Constitution and/or By-Laws at a specified time. Voting members unable to attend a meeting may request an absentee ballot from the secretary and shall be considered to be present at the meeting. Proposals for amendments shall be submitted in writing at any meeting and may not be voted on until the next general meeting.


Section 1: Roberts rules shall govern proceedings.

Note: Constitutiom adopted 10-22-95