Connecticut Valley FM Association
Board Meeting, April 2014
Mt Ascutney Hospital
Attendees:  Dave Wilbur (K1ZS), Bruce Van Houten (KB1IIX), Karen Bailey (KB1MQD), Mark Kernagis (KA2MSM), Steve Kempe (N1QDT),
Carl Snyder & Barbara(NE1T), Don Price (KB5VP), Tom Hall (N1MSH), Jeff Katchen(WB2NWR)
Note: Sullivan County ARES – Repeater is back to Green Mtn.

Moose Mt: Repeater is currently down.  Jeff, Dave and Steve will look into this.
There was a question about moving the Moose Mt repeater to Okemo.  No decision was made.  Dave will continue to look into linking in to the NH network.
Ascutney: Repeater PL tones  110.9 in, 100.0 out.  Carl thinks the input and output should be the same.  Jeff will contact Paul to see how difficult this will be to change.
DTMF tones: 9934 – weather  725* - record and play back  400 – time
Treasurer Report: $4452.69 currently in accounts
Flea Market: Same February weekend next year (Feb 7th) and same fees.  This year we made $344.33 in profit. 
Old Business: By-Laws update – It was decided to keep the by-laws and constitution as written.
New Business:
Club Inventory?  We do not have a current list.  The secretary will maintain a master list.
A question was brought up as to whether or not we could use pay pal to pay dues online.  It was decided at this time there would not be enough members using it to warrant it.
ARES – There is a new local coordinator – Peter Kelleher out of Cavendish, VT.