Connecticut Valley FM Association
Board Meeting, October 19, 2014
Mt Ascutney Hospital
Attendees:  Dave Wilbur (K1ZS), Bruce Van Houten (KB1IIX), Karen Bailey (KB1MQD), Mark Kernagis (KA2MSM), Steve Kempe (N1QDT), Carl Snyder(NE1T), Don Price (KB5VP), Jeff Katchen(WB2NWR), Rob Mather (N1XSS), Ed Feustel(N5EI), Bill Mitchell (W1WOL), Ed Ellis (KA1IIJ), Polly Ellis(KA1III), David Andrews(N1ESK), Peter Kelleher (KC1SS), Ken Morse(N1WGU), Larry Edwards

Election of Officers:
The following were elected as officers for the coming year:

President – Dave Wilbur
Vice President - Rob Mather
Secretary – Karen Bailey
Treasurer – Steve Kempe
Member at Large – Don Price
Repeater Trustee - Jeff Katchen was appointed as the repeater trustee.

Secretary’s Report – The minutes were distributed from the previous meeting and accepted as written.

Treasurer Report: $5539.20 currently in accounts.  There have been no expenses since the last meeting.

Mt Ascutney – Dave with Paul and found the area to extremely neat and clean.  While up there, he changed the output tone to 110.9 so now both the input and output are the same.  He has noticed some additional squelch noise since making the change.  There was some discussion as to what may be causing this.  Dave will look into it further.

Carl asked if the wind information could be removed from the weather announcements.  The anemometer does not last through the winter weather.  Dave thought we could remove this information.

Moose Mt. – It looks like we will not be able to link with the Hanover repeater any time soon.  There was discussion about possibly reaching out to either Killington or the West River club to link with their repeaters.  This would give better coverage to the west.  Discussion will be continued.

Dave Andrews from the West River club gave an overview of how they are approaching putting up a new repeater.  They started by creating a wish list and applied for grants for the necessary items.  They also paid for professional tower climbing services.

Swap Meet: This will be on February 14th, 2015 which is Valentine’s Day and will be held at the Springfield Congregational Church.  Steve will take of advertising in QST and MIT.

New Business: Discussion about putting a digital repeater on Mt Ascutney.  This may attract new members to the club.  There is also VTEL internet available at the site.  This would no replace the current repeater, but would be in addition to what we already have.  Rob gave a presentation on DMR – Digital Mobile Radio.  There are currently 35 in New England, but none in this area.  One of the benefits is that there are two channels on one repeater that would allow both voice and data to be transmitted at the same time.  Other benefits; better audio, better signal, longer battery life.  The cost of the repeater would be under $2000.

A motion was made and passed that the board will investigate and implement the digital repeater on Ascutney and can spend up to $2500.

ARES –Peter Kelleher of Cavendish, VT introduced himself and let everyone know that he is the local ARES coordinator.  There is a net on Sunday’s at 7:00 on 146.760.